Hip Hop Research: Domain Change, Hiatus
Special Project: Crowdfunding For Musicians

Hip Hop Research is Staying at hiphopresearch.org

I'd hope to recapture hiphopresearch.com but it didn't happen.  Could have done it if I'd been willing to spend more money but it just wasn't worth it, even though Google has incredible difficulty keeping up with domain changes to the degree that it's highly unlikely they'll do anything other than keep directing folks to the .com address.

I would have spent the money if there had been some solid response from academics but, as I've discovered at Cultural Research, it's all take and no give if you're providing such information without being part of academia.  I will leave this site up as a courtesy but I'm shifting my attentions elsewhere.

Big ups to those that did reach out and thank me.  But there were just so few of you.  That's why now, more than ever, I'm committed to commercial projects in a relatively open market.


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