David Toop: Rap Attack 3: African Rap to Global Hip Hop (Expanded 3rd Edition)
Ishmael Reed (Ed.): From Totems to Hip-Hop: A Multicultural Anthology of Poetry Across the Americas, 1900–2002

Book List Reaches 51 Titles

The Hip Hop Research book list now stands at 51 titles with more on the way.  I found a bunch more studies while compiling the last batch.

I'm kind of facing a dilemma regarding certain journalistic works and books of photography documenting hip hop performance and culture.  I've only added a handful of those and I'm not sure how many to add given that they're outside the realm of the annotated bibliography of academic studies.

But they're good books to know about and to have listed so I may continue with more of that though the focus will remain on monographs and collections.

I've added a book list in the right hand column.  Because of the way the blog backend works, it's my best solution for now though it will get ludicrously long for a sidebar before all is said and done.

Kind of like the categories list at ProHipHop.  That's what happens when you're on TypePad where they still don't have a useful tagging solution.

But otherwise, TypePad's new and improved service is working well for this project.

Please spread the word.  There are folks out there that will find this project of use.



Sorry if you have this one already.


Book of rhymes : the poetics of hip hop
by Adam Bradley


Clyde Smith

No apologies needed. That's on my list of titles to come!

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