Towards an Annotated Bibliography of Hip Hop Research by Clyde Smith
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[Update: Hip Hop Research to Expand Coverage]

I'll begin getting posts up later this week.  They will be fairly simple featuring a book cover, when available, and links out to a couple of general resources such as WorldCat.

The idea at this stage is to develop a list of what will be included but to make that list public in a way that can be useful and, possibly, mildly entertaining.

Key initial resources will include ProHipHop's Books category and a paper I did for a collection development class a few years back while earning my MLS from Texas Woman's University. I'll be posting the paper for download for folks that might find it more immediately useful though it's clearly a class project.

I've actually been putting off this project for a while because I envisioned it as a traditional annotated bibliography that I would gradually create but wouldn't take public till a publisher was in the loop.  However, that process felt so tedious and I would like to help raise wider awareness of this emerging field so blogging a book list gives me a way to move the project forward in public while also enjoying the initial process.

I do intend to spend time with each book in order to create the annotated bibliography itself and look forward to examining the research approach of each author, especially since my previous academic training focused on interdisciplinary qualitative research.

For more about my academic background, please see Cultural Research.

For more on my hip hop web publishing, please see ProHipHop and Hip Hop Press.

And feel free to be in touch.

Clyde Smith



keep up what you are doing...i'm a graduate student in sociology department at UW Madison. this is very useful and needed. i will also contribute with some recommendations.

Clyde Smith

Cool. Thanks a lot!


it's great to see all your good work. keep it up!

Clyde Smith

Thanks. Glad to see some interest from the architectural sector!

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